Singing To A Song

‘Translations’ is a collection of beloved, familiar songs reinterpreted in a traditional way. Borno Anonyo remains faithful to the older notion of art and creativity, where storytellers claim refuge in tradition. The renditions are not entirely faithful to the originals, but are marked by a deep love, as one can only betray what is loved. It is a retelling of songs almost mythical in their timelessness.

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Small letters

‘Small Letters’ by Borno Anonyo is a poetic punctuation in a time saturated with media. The album’s musical breaks allow for infinite interpretation while retaining period character. It challenges the reduction of art to content and opens up new forms through brevity, serving as an urgent telegram in a rare concession to contemporary urgency.

ep kolkata, vol. 1

Ep Kolkata Volume 1 is a tribute to the city’s enduring spirit through its remnants and ruins. Its chaos, protests, and lullabies breathe life into the city, an idea of youth forever lost and found. It erases and embraces, painting poetry on graffiti walls. These stories of Kolkata cause an endless motion of homesickness, for those who leave and those who stay.


Bengali word ‘আন্দোলন’ embodies music and politics. ‘Movements’ by Borno Anonyo preserves the essence of both, emphasizing social music and aesthetic politics. EP’s 3 songs blend political slogans, music theater, re-imagined folk, and lyrics from self-determination movements. Borno Anonyo’s first published work with bass and electric guitar marks a musical milestone in their journey from an intimate, acoustic sound to a raucous collective.

Song Letter

Song Letter is an album of covers that blends poetry, prose, and cinema with letters written to a child. The sound is intimate, timeless, and inspired by Rabindranath Thakur, Ritwik Ghatak, Jyotirindro Moitro, and Gautam Chattopadhyay. The songs are reborn through the creative process of a few friends who bring in multiple perspectives through their musical traditions. It’s Borno Anonyo’s first album, released in the Mahalaya of 2019.