Satyaki completed his graduation in History from Jadavpur University. He went to JNU to pursue his Masters but forsake it for the love of his city and for the love of music. He competed his Masters from Jadavpur and prepared to work for his Phd on areas of Bhakti music and the ecstatic. He heard a calling again, forsake his academic career and fully immersed himself in music. His name is well known in the tradition of mystical and urban folk where his politics and philosophy of music finds expression in the streets of the city, in university campuses, and the international musical festivals. He began to compose his own music and write his own songs and arrange them as part of creating his Borno Anonyo ensemble where is now a vocalist, a multi instrumentalist, a music composer and arranger. His compositional skill is part of the making of films and documentaries and theatre productions within and beyond the city.


Nabamita is a student of the Social Sciences. She graduated from Presidency College with Sociology, completed her Phd from the University of Birmingham and joined as a faculty at the department of Sociology in what is now Presidency University. She specialises in areas of gender studies, children’s literature, and the philosophy of everyday friendship and adda. Her interest in literature, poetry, philosophy and the politics and aesthetic of music pushed her to move back and forth between the academic and the aesthetic. She received classical training in music with a training in Rabindra Sangeet in particular. She is a vocalist in the Borno Anonyo ensemble and works with others within the collective to carve out a form of art that stitches the literary and the poetic with the musical.

Gaurab ‘Gaboo’ Chatterjee

Gaurab Chatterjee (Gaboo) started his musical journey under the tutelage of his father, the late Gautam Chattopadhyay considered the founding figure of Bangla Rock and Alternative music. Gaurab has been one of the founding members of Lakkhichara, a Bengali rock band that has been instrumental in shaping the landscape of Bangla rock for the last few decades. He has a prolific body of work as a composer, performer and arranger having worked in feature films, advertisements, web series and many other media. He has a longstanding interest in cross-genre musical collaborations notable among them being Kendraka and The Three Seas, ensembles which push the boundaries of musical tradition and stylistic convention. He has collaborated with both internationally renowned classical musicians and traditional Baul performers, having a special interest in incorporating the percussive style of both traditions into the repertoire and techniques associated with the traditional drum kit. This has led Gaurab to work closely and study with reputed masters from both the Baul and the classical traditions, as well as develop his own unique playing style on the dubki – an instrument usually associated with the Baul tradition.


Rajarshi is a management consultant in the field of education. After completing his MBA from the UK and working there for a decade, he decided to come back to Kolkata. He picked up the guitar quite late in college whilst taking his younger brother, Ranajoy, to guitar classes. Watching his brother learn the guitar, inspired him to teach himself. He is a self taught guitarist and has been composing songs since school. Today, he is a rhythm guitarist, vocalist and composer in the musical collective named after his son, Borno Anonyo. Many of the band’s original songs are Rajarshi’s compositions. These melodies often echo a pop nostalgia of band music of the city and also, the minor chords of melancholia of homecoming.



Dibyokamal Mitra plays the violin, viola and mandolin with Borno Anonyo and occasionally sings. Having trained as a western classical musician from his youth, he was later attracted by the sounds of swing and hot jazz. Working in music as a teacher, composer, performer, writer and arranger, he has lectured on the history of western music to university students, as well as written newspaper articles on the same. He has played with orchestras internationally, and has composed and performed for feature films, plays and advertisements. He is the founder member of The Big Other, one of India’s only bands that play in the style of Django Reinhardt which has come to be known as ‘gypsy jazz’. If he is not to be found with a violin under his chin, or his nose buried in a book on French theory, he can be found professing on English literature and completing a Doctoral degree in the same


Alex is a guitar player, music producer from Kolkata. He has been part of Bengali bands like Lokayat, Parashpathor, later joining Indian Blues playing with Shiraz Ali Khan under Maihar Gharana. Alex made his debut as film scorer with Zee Originals Manikanchona and continued his journey with films Biday Byomkesh, Charitraheen, Dracula Sir along with Marathi film Rairand in Mumbai, his latest work being Johny Bonny released from Klikk. He also has a project called Fuchsia Grey with its first release Phantasmagoria which portrays an audio visual story. He has also collaborated with with various artists from Bengal as a session guitar player and producing albums for bands. Alex also takes interest mixing and mastering songs as a hobby. Alex plays anchors the lead guitars for Borno Anonyo.


Dwaipayan, is a multi-instrumentalist and plays the bass guitar and viola at Borno Anonyo. He studied Western Classical Music (violin) under Maestro Abraham Mazumder since 2009. He is presently studying sitar under the guidance of Acharya Sri Siddharta Roy Chowdhury. He has performed with Symphony Orchestras and Rock Bands at prestigious venues around Kolkata, like St. Paul’s Cathedral, Victoria Memorial, Indian Museum, Biswa Bangla Convention Centre, All India Radio Programmes and Recordings, IISER Kalyani, IIT Kharagpur, etc. He has directed music scores for many short films under OTT many platforms in India. He teaches western classical music (violin & guitar). He also features in Anarkyst, the Band as a bass guitarist and composer.


Ranajoy is a senior faculty at FX School, a Mumbai based Vfx training institute and also works as a freelance Motion Designer.
Ranajoy began to learn the guitar at an early age and gradually grew an interest in rock music. He joined the Bengali rock band Lokayat as the lead guitarist and performed concerts within and outside of Kolkata. His musical lesions were put to a halt with the passing away of his teacher Samik Chatterjee, lovingly known as Bubun in the band circuit of the city. Ranajoy shifted to Mumbai to build a career in Visual Effects, thereafter. His passion for music never faded away though. He joined Borno Anonyo as a guitarist during the ‘work from home’ phase of the pandemic lockdown. He recorded songs with the band as the guitarist, as the recording artist and also played the role of a back stage manager. Ranajoy has, since the time of inception of Borno Anonyo, conceptualised their visual arts, concert posters, album covers and designed their creative space including photo shoots and videography of almost all songs released in the digital space until today.